Bitcoin Shovels

When everyone is digging for gold, sell shovels.

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Bitcoin shovels let you mine for bitcoin no matter where you are.

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Why the Bitcoin Shovel?

Durable Plastic

Our Bitcoin Shovels are made from the strongest plastic around and will be sure to survive the harsh conditions you may find yourself in when mining for Bitcoin.

The Perfect Gift

Have a random friend who is just getting into Bitcion? This shovel makes the perfect holiday gift! Also includes a pail.


Notice people at work suddenly talking about that made up virtual currency? Get in on the speculation while it's still hot.


Who needs USD anymore when you have BTC? Take your Bitcoin Shovel and mine for Bitcoins at any beach near you.

Join the gold rush.

Bitcoin Shovels arent real, but if you enjoyed our fun web page, feel free to donate bitcoins

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